QL New Discovery Le Marin Boutique Hotel

QL New Discovery2021-07-01

We are happy to announce that Le Marin Boutique Hotel & Le Petit Marin Boutique Hotel are the newest discoveries of the QL collection! Recently opened and located in Rotterdam, Le Marin & Le Petit Marin are the perfect base camp for travelers looking to explore Rotterdam. 

Rotterdam is original and raw, an attention-grabbing port city. Modern architecture flourishes here and Rotterdammers don’t do things by halves. 

This is the city where things are happening, and that’s what hoteliers Albert Kreeft and David Reinders Folmer were thinking when they came up with the idea for the newly opened Le Marin Boutique Hotel and Le Petit Marin Boutique Hotel. ‘Most Dutch cities have a single historic centre,’ Albert says, ‘but Rotterdam has several, each of them different. Every walk through the city is a voyage of discovery. That’s what I really fell for.’ ‘The mentality here really appeals to me,’ David adds. ‘The people are so proud of the city, and there are so many people who were born and bred here. If you want to build something, it has to be distinctive, otherwise it won’t happen. Rotterdam is also known as Manhattan on the Maas.’ 

‘The raw, industrial character alongside something as polished as the new depot of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, that’s where the contrast of this city lies,’ Albert says. ‘In this respect, Le Marin Boutique Hotels is a perfect fit. Our interiors are deliberately darker than most boutique hotels. We opt for a little more tension, perhaps more masculinity, a bit more attitude. This hotel immediately draws attention to itself. We want to offer our guests something they don’t have at home, and these days that’s getting harder and harder.’ David enthuses about the warm welcome you experience as a guest at Le Marin: ‘We need travel to be fun again, a bit of a celebration. So here you don’t start by taking out your credit card, but you have a nice glass of Cava first. We take the same approach at the dining table. We want to surprise our guests with good quality products. Our milk and yoghurt, for example, are locally produced in Rotterdam at the Floating Farm, the first of its kind in the world.’ 

Le Marin Boutique Hotel is in Rotterdam-West. Le Petit Marin, which has only suites, and has a convenient 24-hour check-in, is about 300 metres from its big brother.

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