QL Guide 2023

17.50 Excl. shipping

Would you like to quietly browse through the Quality Lodgings collection at home? Our hotel pearls are carefully selected and are presented annually in the QL Guide.

Would you like to quietly look through Quality Lodgings' collection at home? Our hotels are presented annually in the QL Guide, a 304-page hardcover book with unique stories of 116 authentic hotels in Europe, divided into 6 collections, including the new label QL College.

The renewed QL Guide tells the stories of 5 themed collections. For instance, the 'For the love of Food' collection includes a series of 20+ small-scale hotels awarded one or more Michelin stars. Other collections include 'A Breath of Fresh Air', 'History & Culture', 'City Break' and 'Glorious Countryside Estates'. The book also highlights new members as QL New Discovery.

The QL Guide can be ordered online through the Quality Lodgings webshop at € 17,50 excluding shipping. As a QLUB Member, you can order the new QL Guide for a reduced rate of €12.50 excluding shipping. Not yet a QLUB member? Sign up for free.

The QL Guide 2023 is only available in English.