Privacy statement

This privacy statement sets out the privacy policy of Quality Lodgings B.V. The contents of this privacy statement encompass all forms of personal data processing at Quality Lodgings B.V. This privacy statement informs users of the website of Quality Lodgings B.V. (hereinafter referred to as the website) about the way in which Quality Lodgings B.V. with the information automatically and/or actively provided by visitors of the website. All data is first and foremost processed in line with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The registration and processing of personal details
When using the services of Quality Lodgings B.V., when submitting a request for information, when subscribing to a newsletter, when taking part in a special offer, when using our digital services, or in any other contact with Quality Lodgings B.V., Quality Lodgings B.V. collects and registers the personal details provided. This only applies to personal details actively provided by the user himself. Quality Lodgings B.V. will use these personal details within the framework of its services (which includes the analysis, improvement and development thereof), the various agreements it may conclude in connection with these services and in order to be able to provide the user with information when the user has shown an interest in that. If the user grants his explicit consent for this, Quality Lodgings B.V. can use the personal details to keep the user informed of developments in the activities of Quality Lodgings B.V. by means of the newsletter of Quality Lodgings B.V. More information can be found under the header ‘newsletter’ in this privacy statement.

Use of the website
By using the website, certain anonymous data about the use of the page is automatically collected via the user’s IP address. This concerns data such as the IP address, the time of visiting the website, the duration of your visit, the browser used, and the sections of the website visited. The collected data collated is anonymous and cannot be used to establish the user’s identity. In addition, the collected data is only used internally in order to optimise the website.

For the newsletter or the loyalty program, Quality Lodgings B.V. uses the opt-in procedure: the user will not receive a newsletter until he has subscribed to it. If a user does not wish or no longer wishes to receive the newsletter about Quality Lodgings B.V., he can indicate this at all times by unsubscribing via the website, by means of the link at the bottom of the mail in question or via [email protected]

Data processing
Any personal details provided and the automatically collected data will never be made available to third parties (purchase, hire, sharing) without the user’s prior consent, unless Quality Lodgings B.V. is obliged to do so under a statutory provision or order, or when Quality Lodgings B.V. is involved in a business merger and/or takeover. In that case, the user will be informed accordingly in good time, unless it concerns anonymous data. Your details can be made available without your consent to parties engaged by Quality Lodgings B.V. for the execution of its service provision. In those instances, your details will only be used for the purpose for which you made them available. Quality Lodgings B.V. is obliged to take all reasonable measures to safeguard privacy to the greatest possible extent and to ensure in that case that the personal data it holds is appropriately protected. When third parties are engaged, these parties in their turn need to have taken demonstrable appropriate measures and guarantee secrecy.

Personal Data Protection Act
The Personal Data Protection Act provides for the protection of civilian privacy. Quality Lodgings B.V. honours this act and will only act in line with the provisions in that act. If the user wants to have his personal details removed or adjusted or when the user wants to consult the personal details that have been registered, he can submit an appropriate written request to the address shown at the bottom of this page or to [email protected]

Google Analytics
Quality Lodgings B.V. likes to know how its website is used, enabling it to set up the website in the best possible way on the basis of that information. That is why it uses Google Analytics. This means that the website installs Google cookies. The information obtained via these cookies is analysed by Google in the most anonymous way possible. The user’s IP address is never used for this, which means the information can never be traced back to a person. Google stores the collected information on American servers, which are protected in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield principles. Google will never share the collected information with third parties (not connected to Google), unless it is obliged to do so pursuant to a statutory obligation.

Social media
Quality Lodgings B.V. uses various social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook. These various social media channels often also use cookies. Please read the privacy statements of these social media channels in order to find out how they deal with the data they collect. Most social media channels used by Quality Lodgings B.V. will comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield principles. When a user follows Quality Lodgings B.V. or communicates with or about Quality Lodgings B.V. via social media, Quality Lodgings B.V. processes certain details (profile information, the content posted and messages with regard to Quality Lodgings B.V., metadata stored on the platform), enabling Quality Lodgings B.V. to optimise the content of its social media activities to the greatest possible extent. This data will be processed in accordance with the provisions in this privacy statement. When you take part in a special offer or competition, Quality Lodgings B.V. may collect additional data, which you will be notified of on the occasion.

Quality Lodgings B.V. uses re-marketing technologies. These technologies make it possible for persons who (by using the website of Quality Lodgings B.V. and/or by subscribing to the newsletter of Quality Lodgings B.V.) have already shown an interest in Quality Lodgings B.V. and/or one of its products and/or services to be contacted again via the websites of partners of Quality Lodgings B.V. This concerns a personalised personal advertisement/offer based on interest. This form is entirely automated and anonymous. Users may find such forms of re-marketing on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Quality Lodgings B.V. endeavours to appropriately protect personal data, in line with the applicable statutory requirements and guidelines. The guidelines set out in this privacy policy will be observed. Only authorised personnel of Quality Lodgings B.V. who, by virtue of carrying out their jobs, need access will be given access to the registered personal data. The party responsible for dataprocessing within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act is Quality Lodgings B.V. located at the Wilhelminastraat 16, 6812 CW Arnhem in The Netherlands.

Any links to third-party websites/sources have been carefully selected. Nevertheless, Quality Lodgings B.V. cannot be held responsible and/or liable for the content of these websites and the way in which these websites process personal data. These third-party websites or sources are subject to the terms and conditions and privacy rules of these third parties.

Quality Lodgings B.V. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy. Quality Lodgings B.V. therefore recommends consulting this privacy policy on a regular basis. This privacy statement was last changed on July 21, 2021

In the case of questions and/or comments with regard to privacy, please contact Quality Lodgings B.V. via the contact details given below:

Quality Lodgings B.V.
Wilhelminastraat 16
6812 CW Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)85 020 77 33
Email: [email protected]