Hotels for Trees: moving towards a greener world


It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our partnership with Hotels for Trees, a fantastic initiative that contributes to a greener world. For every guest who chooses not to receive a daily cleaning during their multi-day stay, the Hotels for Trees Foundation plants a tree. 


These beautiful forest projects are carried out in various locations, including the Netherlands, Sulawesi Indonesia, Portugal, and Vietnam. This not only enhances the unique landscapes, but also the habitats of countless plants and animals. In the Netherlands, projects are active in Friesland, Overijssel and Gelderland, where Hotels for Trees plants landscape elements such as hedges, tree rows, pollard willows and wooded banks. 


When planting new forests and restoring existing ones, biodiversity is a key issue. Careful consideration is given to species diversity, the natural environment and sustainable management. The use of different tree and shrub species provides a basis for a diverse and robust forest, where numerous other plants, fungi and animals can find their home. 

The Hotels for Trees Foundation has no profit motive. All donations are spent on afforestation projects of cooperation partner Trees for All, or are used for the further development and growth of Hotels for Trees itself.  


As Quality Lodgings, we have donated 116 trees, one tree for each hotel in our collection. We will continue to plant trees annually to make a positive impact on the environment. Together, we can create a world where hospitality and environmental awareness go hand in hand.