QL branches out into Switzerland & Norway

QL New Discovery2016-01-01

QL always explores new territories looking for adventure and to make new discoveries. We would like to introduce you to three new QL members and to welcome these authentic hotels located in spectacular surroundings. A warm welcome to GD Hôtel Bella Tola & St-Luc and Hôtel Le Grand Chalet Favre in Switzerland and Herangtunet Boutique Hotel in Norway. 

No words can describe the views from the terraces at both Hôtel Bella Tola and Hôtel Le Grand Chalet Favre overlooking the mighty Alps; or the sheer excitement overwhelming you when encountering Norway’s majestic nature for the very first time. All three hotels are located in or nearby great skiing slopes, easily reached with nearby transport. Please visit the hotel pages to know more about these hotels and to plan your next trip.

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