Boutique Hotel The Church

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Overnight stay in a monumental church

Boutique Hotel The Church

"A good work is that which does good to others," said theologian Maarten Luther. In the former Lutheran church in Arnhem, you experience nothing but goodness! Boutique Hotel The Church is both heavenly and earthly at the same time. From the street, you step into another world through an almost hidden entrance. The old church, with its chandeliers, centuries-old painted wooden ceiling with a night-blue starry sky, and the imposing church organ that looks down on you, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the past, but strengthened by contemporary elements. The walls of the side aisles are adorned with meters-long graffiti made by a local street artist, and from the restaurant in the nave, you look up at the eight floating guest rooms. As you lie in bed, you gaze at the beautifully painted church ceiling. The fact that Boutique Hotel The Church is located in the trendy fashion quarter of Arnhem says a lot about the dynamic of this place. It is a hotspot for both urban explorers and locals. If you are looking for a top stay in a unique location... look no further!

Photography: Silke Onink

Heavenly dining in the church

The Church restaurant

Chef Bart Leussink and hostess Janiek van den Broeck found in this church the atmosphere with which they want to enchant their guests. It is the combination of the location, Bart's liberal dishes, and Janiek's warm welcome that envelops you. Bart's dishes are French-oriented, but are spiced up with influences from all over the world. Want to start your evening with a drink? Be sure to try the cocktailbar. 


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Former Lutheran church
Chef's table
Lounge & cocktailbar
Located in the bustling center of Arnhem
Floating hotel rooms


Boutique Hotel The Church in the center of Arnhem, next to the trendy Fashion Quarter, has a great location close to shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions. There are major events and attractions like the Eusebius Church and Musis Sacrum nearby all year round.



The Veluwe is a nature reserve in the Netherlands, known for its vast forests, heathlands, and wildlife.



Arnhem is full of history, culture, and events, making it always worth exploring the city center.

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Dutch Open Air Museum

The Dutch Open Air Museum offers a historical experience with buildings, crafts, and activities.

Heaven for your senses

‘’Heaven for your senses.'' - Janiek van den Broeck

Hostess: Janiek van den Broeck
Chef: Bart Leussink