Explore the World of Dilmah

We are a family tea company, established to share our love for tea and desire to offer genuinely ethical tea. Our teas are handpicked, made in the artisanal style and packed fresh, for richer flavour, purity and natural goodness.However, more than anything, at Dilmah we believe in being kind. Kindness is at the heart of everything we do.

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Crafted by a Family of Tea Growers

We spread kindness by doing everything with care and respect. This means respecting nature - growing only the finest ingredients and protecting the environment. Respecting our employees, good working conditions and fair wages for their efforts. Respecting our consumers - we do not blend our teas but we pack the teas at source. 


We uphold the highest standards and do not compromise quality to make a profit. We make the best tea in the world and use our profits to support those that need that little bit of kindness the most.