New Mondrian Hotel

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The passion of hospitality talents

New Mondrian Hotel

New Mondrian Hotel offers the ultimate opportunity to experience a unique stay, fully catered for by the students of the future from ROC Mondriaan. It comprises five hotel rooms divided into four Accor Hotel Group classifications and is located in the centre of The Hague. The students are introduced to the hospitality industry and given the opportunity to apply their skills in the hospitality world. The convenient location of the New Mondrian Hotel in the heart of the vibrant city of The Hague, next to the Central Station, makes it an ideal place to stay.

Enjoyment on a culinary level

Restaurants Classique, Imagine and Orchard

There are three different restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, a drink at the bar, and a number of rooms for wine tasting or private dining are available at the New Mondrian Hotel. From dining in style at Restaurant Classique's French cuisine with Mediterranean elements to enjoying a delicious cocktail at The Queen's Express. Each restaurant at Invitez has its own character, with its own menu and concept. Invitez is the warm heart of The Hague's hospitality centre, where the various restaurants are located and in which students can apply their expertise. 

QL College


Experience the future of hospitality at one of our QL College hotels. We have partnered with a hand-picked collection of some of the best European hospitality training institutes. Each has its own teaching hotel to give young hospitality talent the opportunity to put their passion into practice, while being coached by leading professionals. Authentic hospitality depends on developing and encouraging professional skills and talent, which Quality Lodgings strives to support.


Run by students
Near The Hague's city centre
Nearby Scheveningen beach
Trainingshotel for students
Green key
Rooms decorated by well-known hotel chains

Special features in the region

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The Hague

For a day of culture and entertainment you can go by bike to the heart of The Hague in a half an hour.

Scheveningen beach.png

Scheveningen beach

Scheveningen beach is a must-see when in The Hague that caters to every type of traveller.


Foodhall The Hague

At Foodhallen they proudly present a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world.

A unique experience.

“A unique experience completely provided by the hoteliers of the future!” - Peter van Nes - Student

Hosts: Nicole van der Meer, Patricia Liefhebber & Kim Brakenhof