You are Handpicked by Quality Lodgings

Dear hotelier, 


Thank you for scanning the QR code. We appreciate that our invitation did not go unnoticed! We would like to invite you to have a conversation with us about joining Quality Lodgings' collection. On this page, we would like to tell you more about Quality Lodgings and its membership. We will contact you shortly to schedule an introduction. Of course, we are happy to be available if you have any questions or comments before then. 


About Quality Lodgings

For more than 20 years, Quality Lodgings has been Europe's collection of highly individual hotels in Europe devoted to authentic hospitality and excellent cuisine. Each of these handpicked hideaways are a pleasure for all senses. On a culinary level, as well as its interior design, its surrounding and its blissful bedroom comfort.


Handpicked collection

Authentic hospitality is at the very core of all hotels in our collection. By looking for independent hotels that hold their own unique identity, we know how to select hotels that offer the highest degree of refinement. We know each hotel in our collection personally and visit the owners regularly. Behind each of these businesses you will find people who carry hospitality in their hearts and make every effort to offer an unforgettable stay.


QL Membership

Quality Lodgings empowers owners to capture their authenticity and individuality while taking advantage of QL’s network and expertise to drive returns and sustain long-term success. We will explain the QL Membership based on our value drivers: QL Media, QL Sales & Marketing and QL Community.


More information on membership benefits and the annual fee can be found in this document.

QL Membership