Collaboration between Quality Lodgings and Mastercard

QL News2024-02-07

Quality Lodgings and Mastercard Offer special overnight Stays to Cardholders 

Quality Lodgings is proud to announce a multi-year partnership with Mastercard. As a collection of more than 110 independent quality hotels in Europe, Quality Lodgings joins to provide new travel and culinary experiences to Mastercard cardholders. 


This exclusive partnership with Quality Lodgings will connect Mastercard cardholders with an even greater range of travel and dining experiences, offering unique QLUB packages with overnight stays in special locations, such as a culinary overnight stay in a historic castle or a stay in a former Lutheran church in Arnhem. 


Roxanne Pinckers, Director of Marketing & Communications Netherlands at Mastercard, explains: "At Mastercard, we strive to enrich the lives of our cardholders, in both big and small moments. This partnership with Quality Lodgings builds on our commitment to connect cardholders with their greatest passions, bringing them closer to unique experiences in the world of travel and gastronomy, a passion we have identified as valuable based on our 2022 passion report."


As part of this collaboration, a new façade shield will be presented to Culinary Estate Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, represented by Anita Bos, the General Manager. Pauline Verhoef, Managing Director at Quality Lodgings, emphasizes: "We are honored to partner with Mastercard and look forward to creating unforgettable memories. Through QL Unique Breaks on the Priceless platform, we offer cardholders the opportunity to experience our special locations."


This partnership with Quality Lodgings also contributes to the goals of Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition. With a shared commitment to sustainability, both Mastercard and Quality Lodgings will participate in reforestation projects. For every QLUB experience booked through in 2024, one tree will be planted, making a tangible contribution to the restoration of nature. As a symbol of this commitment, Mastercard presents a donation of 25,000 euros for tree planting via Priceless Planet Coalition. 


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