Welcome to seven QL New Discoveries

QL New Discovery2023-10-24

Quality Lodgings is constantly on the lookout for new hotel pearls. We are delighted to introduce you to our seven QL New Discoveries, each situated in a spectacular setting. Welcome to these authentic hotels.


Hotel Heritage

Discover the magic of Hotel Heritage in Bruges, Belgium – a 5-star hotel housed in a 19th-century mansion formerly known as the Bruges Bank. Enjoy historical elegance and modern luxury in 22 unique rooms. In 2020, it attained the position of the third five-star hotel in Flanders. To this day, they provide top-class personal service and culinary delights at Le Mystique restaurant. Chef Raoul de Koning skillfully weaves oriental flavors into classic Western dishes. Isabelle and Johan Creytens, along with their dedicated team, ensure that you lack nothing during your stay. Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a special occasion, or a unique experience, Hotel Heritage exceeds expectations and creates a safe and relaxing haven. 


Hotel Heritage.png


Hotel de ABDIJ Dokkum

In the northernmost town of the Netherlands, Dokkum, Hotel de ABDIJ Dokkum uniquely combines historical charm with modern luxury. Located on the historic Dokkumse Marktplein, which marked the birth of the fortified city in 754 and is an iconic point on the Elfstedentocht route. The old walls and authentic details of the hotel breathe the rich history and create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable stay. This is where the pride in the culinary heritage of Fryslân comes to life, with talented chefs Geert Jan Vaartjes and Liudger van der Meer embracing the purest flavors of the region. Restaurant Proef | Lokaal Dokkum, a notable newcomer in the Gault&Millau guide, allows guests to savor a new Frisian cuisine, including their own Brûswyn, blended with wines from the northernmost vineyard in the Netherlands, the Frysling. 




Boutique Hotel The Church 

Boutique Hotel The Church in Arnhem is an extraordinary transformation of a historic church. Located in the bustling fashion district of the city, the hotel seamlessly combines contemporary style with the rich history of the building. The rooms appear to float within the endless space of the former Lutheran church. Bart Leussink, the talented chef, sets the tone in the kitchen, while Janiek van den Broeck warmly welcomes her guests with a smile. Visit Boutique Hotel The Church and indulge in great food, exceptional cocktails, and a unique place to spend the night. After all, staying in a church is not an everyday experience! 


The Church.png


The Duke Suites

Step into the enchanting villa of The Duke Suites, a five-star luxury hotel nestled in the woods with the ambiance of an ancient English country estate. The eighteen generous suites offer views of nature and the golf course. A personal butler is at your service 24/7, while the exclusive 18-hole golf course and spa provide relaxation and entertainment. Restaurant The Charles, led by SVH Master Chef Alain Alders and culinary master Jack Blackwell, offers an exceptionally high-quality dining experience. Explore this unique combination of luxury hospitality, gastronomy, golf, and wellness in Brabant. 


The Duke Suites.png


Hotel Flora Batava

Hotel Flora Batava, a historical gem on the Vecht. In 1685, botanist Agnes Block cultivated the very first fruit-bearing pineapple plant in the Netherlands, earning the nickname 'Flora Batava.' The 157-year-old villa, which has recently been expertly restored, offers tastefully appointed rooms with large windows and a contemporary interior. Dining at restaurant Bloei for lunch or dinner is a unique experience. The stunning glass conservatory is infused with inspiration from botanical history, adorned with lush tapestries and verdant plants. Sample regional, seasonal dishes and the irresistible pineapple dessert. The boat-shaped tea house offers enchanting views of the Vecht. Explore the Vecht region with its estates, castles, and windmills.


Hotel Flora Batava


Villa Kranenbergh

Along the most picturesque avenue of the artists' village Bergen, Boutique Hotel Villa Kranenbergh has been welcoming guests for almost 100 years. It's an oasis for art lovers, embraced by the influential Bergense School and the beautiful surroundings of sea, forest, and dunes. The historic building, dating back to 1900, offers 8 lavish rooms, an intimate common living room with a crackling fireplace, and an open kitchen with an honesty bar. For those seeking an extraordinary culinary experience, the private chef is ready to delight your palate. Perhaps you can already hear the gentle rustling of the waves because Bergen aan Zee is within biking distance. 




't Lansink

Step into the timeless grandeur of Hotel 't Lansink in Hengelo, where history and contemporary luxury harmoniously coexist. This charming hotel, steeped in the heritage of C.T. Stork, offers 25 stylish rooms and suites in the main building and Residence 't Lansink. This historic jewel, a national monument since 1921, proudly holds the title of Hofleverancier since 2016, a royal recognition for exceptional hospitality. As a culinary paradise, under the leadership of SVH Master Chef Lars van Galen, 't Lansink boasts a Michelin star and ranks 61th in the Lekker500 guide. Enjoy the finest local products and dine at the Chef's Table for a unique peek into the kitchen. 

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