Why spending time in the mountains during the summer is by far the most enjoyable

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Do you feel like a winter sports holiday is the best there is? Fresh snow, making a fresh trail on the slopes early in the morning, having a wonderful lunch under a clear blue sky, and then enjoying a magnificent lunch together or the creamiest cheese fondue you've ever had in the evening are all things that come to mind when thinking of a perfect ski vacation. But did you know that beneath that snow lies a world at rest, waiting to explode in spring into a festival of colors against which that white winter world only pale.


Best and coziest inn in Austria 

You can include whatever examples or stunning photographs you wish to show that this actually does exist. No problem! The Hotel Landgasthof Linde, run by the Ebster family and located in the Zillertal valley in Austria, is exhibit number one. Already recognized by Gault&Millau as the most charming inn in Austria. In the summertime, you can come here to enjoy a night that never ends while sitting at tables covered in linen in the grass. You need to be careful toward the end of the summer since the ripe fruit that hangs from these branches can fall into your plate. The herb and vegetable garden, filled with vibrant alpine flowers and herbs, can be found just a few steps from from the hotel.


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Wellness and heartwarming hospitality in South Tyrol 

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for South Tyrol, Italy, and the Dolomites? Then you will find Hotel Langgenhof really the end. Peter Mutschlechner is carrying on the legacy of his mother and father with this endeavor. Peter is not only a host, but as his guest, during sunrise while hiking, he leads you to the mountain peak that he considers to be his personal favorite. And as the light begins to rise, you get to enjoy your reward: freshly brewed coffee from Peter along with homemade brioche. A moment that won't easily slip your mind! After that, it's time to take a dip in one of the pools at Langgenhof and unwind in the wellness area there. Be sure to inquire about Peter's wine collection when you see him. There are approximately one thousand wines available, so you should be able to find one that suits your tastes among them.


Enjoying the most beautiful mountain lake in Switzerland 

Do you want to really impress someone or are you looking for the perfect place for a marriage proposal? Then head to Hotel Vitznauerhof, right on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Relax in a hammock or a super-deluxe comfy beach chair by the mountain lake that is perfectly clear, and in the evening, take your partner to the restaurant's balcony to enjoy the most breathtaking sunset you've ever seen. Those who want a more strenuous activity might go mountain biking or hiking in the nearby mountains. Dine at the two Michelin-starred Restaurant Sense for the finest experience during your visit. And... Are you already convinced?

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