Hotel Goldene Rose

In the heart of the most beautiful old town in Germany

Hotel Goldene Rose

The 5-star hotel "Goldene Rose" reopened its doors in 2022 in the historic town of Dinkelsbühl. It is the first old town spa hotel in Bavaria, located in the heart of Middle Franconia. A historic half-timbered house from the outside, but inside a modern design. Once visited by illustrious guests such as Queen Vicky and Crown Prince Friedrich, it now attracts explorers, seekers of tranquility, and gourmets. With 43 beautifully appointed rooms and 14 studios, the restaurant "Kantine Rosine", the "Queen Vicky Bar", the "Rosensaal", and a unique spa designed by NOA architects from South Tyrol, the hotel offers an unforgettable stay. One of the most striking features of the spa is the ten-meter-long outdoor pool with infinity views, providing a breathtaking panorama of the nearby St. Georg Cathedral. Whether it's early in the morning or late at night, the heated infinity pool is accessible year-round, allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing dip at any time.

Refined dishes that stimulate the senses and imagination

Restaurant Kantine Rosine

The culinary heart of Hotel Goldene Rose is formed by the restaurant "Kantine Rosine", under the leadership of chef Dirk Becker. This restaurant has gained international recognition for its toque-level culinary skills and offers guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The elegant decor, inspired by South Tyrol, sets the perfect stage for an evening of delightful dishes and refined flavors. Chef Dirk Becker is known for his passion for regional ingredients and his transparent approach to product usage. He has the ability to transform authentic Franconian dishes into culinary masterpieces, focusing on freshness, quality, and creativity. With his skill and dedication, he consistently exceeds guests' expectations, surprising them with flavorful creations that stimulate both the senses and the imagination.


Outdoor pool
10-meter-long infinity pool on the rooftop
The Attic spa
Gastronomic cuisine featuring local products
In the middle of Germany's old town, Dinkelsbühl
Concerts by top international artists in the Rosensaal
Unique views of the Cathedral St. Georg
A relaxation area on two floors
Queen Vicky Bar
43 brand new designed rooms and 14 studios

Special features in the region

Hotel Goldene Rose in Dinkelsbühl is situated in a charming setting with historical splendor. Surrounded by medieval architecture and picturesque squares, the hotel offers a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of this quaint town. With its narrow streets, well-preserved city walls, and lively markets, Dinkelsbühl invites guests to wander through time and enjoy an unforgettable stay.


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QL Unique Breaks

Experience this hotel in its entirety

Quality Lodgings enjoy nothing more than pampering you thoroughly. That is why Hotel Goldene Rose has created a QL Unique Break. A QLUB is a full experience, often including an exceptional dinner, a wonderful overnight stay, an excellent breakfast and other great extras.

Service at the highest level

‘’High-end infinity pool above the rooftops of the old town meets unique architecture and service at the highest level '' - Christian von Ahlefeldt

Host: Christian von Ahlefeldt
Chef: Dirk becker