Between city and nature

Hotel Parkzicht

Hotel Parkzicht is a fantastic place to get familiar with Eindhoven, located exactly in-between the city and nature. The building, constructed in 1930 commissioned by Philips to house their employees, has been transformed into a beautiful hotel. Eindhoven is world renown as the light and design city. However, Brabanders are known in the Netherlands as Burgundians. They are known to enjoy life to the fullest. Good food and drinks is therefore a necessity. The sincere interest in and for the attention of our guests. That is what hotel Parkzicht is known for. Owners Nicky and Derk van Westenbrugge have been implementing innovations for over ten years. They completely renovated the restaurant and reallocated it on the market as Thym by Parkzicht. Whilst the hotel rooms have also been renovated. At this moment, Parkzicht is known as the Burgundy hotspot in Eindhoven, a place where you feel at home.

Prepared with love and expertise

Restaurant Thym

Thym is that established place in Eindhoven that makes you feel at home in an instant, even though you are new to the area. With a redecorated interior Thym serves its guests high quality artisanal French à la carte dishes, as the actual French once intended. The seasonal French cuisine is prepared with love and knowledge and is accompanied by a great wine picked by our sommelier. During the spring and summer we have a sunny terrace which is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You are welcome for every occasion, leisure or business. From early in the morning until late in the evenings, from freshly baked croissants to bouillabaisse, from a good cup of coffee to outstanding wines. You'll always feel welcome at Thym.

Naples Enjoyment

restaurant hout

At restaurant Hout, it's all about the authentic flavor experience of Neapolitan cuisine, with a special focus on the classic Pizza Napoletana. Carefully selected ingredients and artisanal preparation methods result in the perfect pizza crust here, thin and crispy on the outside, airy on the inside. But Hout offers more than just pizza; it's a place where you can indulge in a wide range of antipasti, fresh pastas, and delightful desserts. Moreover, your culinary journey is complemented by a selection of refreshing drinks, Italian wines, and local beers. Whether you stop by for a relaxed lunch or a cozy gathering with friends and colleagues, at Hout, you're always guaranteed a flavorful and welcoming experience.


Bicycles available
Connecting rooms - Family rooms
Located in the city of light
Exuberant enjoyment
Located between urban and nature
Restaurant - Thym
Reataurant - HOUT

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Memorable visit.

‘’Our bistro-chic French restaurant and welcoming team will make your visit memorable.'' - Ruud Borst 

Host: Ruud Borst 
Chef: Stef de Schaaf