Mauritz Grand Café, Restaurant and Hotel

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Parisian panache in a Dutch fort town

Mauritz Grand Café, Restaurant en Hotel

The lovely town of Willemstad is named after William of Orange (1533-1584) founder of The Netherlands. The town’s fortifications bear witness to a rich past. In the town centre lies Grand Café, Restaurant, Salon & Hotel Mauritz in a 19th century building which has been meticulously restored and refurbished. Granito floors, tile mosaics and the wooden bar in the Grand Café exude the atmosphere of a Parisian Brasserie, including striking poster in art nouveau style. The strong pillars originate from a Brussels’ metro station.

Views of the charming city park

Mauritz Grand Café & Mauritz Salon

A few steps up are the restaurant and veranda, offering views over the charming town park and neighbouring Catholic Church. The Grand Café Mauritz is a good spot to read the newspaper with a cappuccino, have a pleasant lunch or enjoy an informal dinner. The extensive menu offers French Brasserie classics and a great selection of seafood dishes. The international style cuisine boasts fresh produce and interesting combinations. The sea food is from nearby well-known fishing village Yerseke. In the restaurant linen table cloths and the grandeur of a stylish conservatory replace the Grand Café’s wood and granito.


Garden or terrace
Brasserie with Parisian ambiance
Veranda with view of the city garden
Historical fortress Willemstad
Between hospitable North Brabant and the Zeeland delta

Special features in the region

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Historical Willemstad is a strategically located fortified town surrounded by water.

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Nearby is Tiengemeten, the very last island in the South West of the Netherlands and can be reached by ferry.

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Unique provinces

Within an hour by car, you can reach bustling North-Brabant, waterside scenery Zeeland or urban South Holland.

Dutch hospitality with Parisian flair.

‘’We offer warm Dutch hospitality with Parisian flair and pure flavours with local ingredients.'' - Pieter van der Weele

Host: Pieter van der Weele
Chef: Niels Baudoin