Embrace the legacy

QL News2024-07-04

We proudly present five hotels from our collection where our values have been anchored since founding Quality Lodgings in 2003 – from the warm hospitality that greets you at every turn to the unique locations that make each destination a journey of discovery. 


The north sea at your feet 
Hotel Augusta is an authentic part of IJmuiden’s history. Standing for over a century, it still breathes the atmosphere of the early 20th century. The hotel even offers rides in an English taxicab from 1965, taking guests to the beach, dunes, or marina. Each visit feels like a step back in time, blending nostalgia with modern comfort.  


3 augusta.png


Parisian dining in a green Dutch oasis  
First mentioned in 1355, the site of Villa Beukenhof has a rich history. Nestled in a beloved garden in the English country style, it offers a serene and romantic setting. In 1948, it was named after an ancient beech tree in its garden. For over 25 years, Erwin Rozendal has passionately maintained its charm. Guests can enjoy delightful dining experiences and even celebrate weddings in this historic and picturesque venue. 


Villa Beukenhof.png


Wonderful waterfront fortress  
Perched on the banks of Lake Veere, Auberge de Campveerse Toren has welcomed guests for more than 500 years, including William of Orange, who celebrated his wedding breakfast here in 1575. A family-run establishment, the hotel is now managed by Hendrina van Cranenburgh and her sisters. Known for its seafood, especially the renowned Oosterschelde lobster, the hotel offers an unforgettable culinary experience along with rooms boasting stunning lake views.  

Campveerse toren.png


Celebrating life  
Founded in 1753, De Havixhorst exudes timeless charm. The Wijland family has transformed this estate into a captivating chateau hotel since 1982. Chris Wijland, representing the new generation, continues to lead with passion and dedication. The manor, surrounded by beautiful gardens and featuring a French Baroque style, offers a serene retreat with regional cuisine, local game, and produce from its own farms. Guests are invited to savor life and immerse in the historical ambiance.  


2 Havixhorst.png


A place to wander  
Located at the edge of the Veluwe nature reserve, Hotel de Sterrenberg is a place to reconnect with nature. With a warm interior inspired by natural materials, guests can explore the flower and herb garden, private vineyard, and enjoy the wellness center. Liset and Jasper Bom have elevated this family business, offering a blend of comfort, local cuisine, and tranquility. The hotel’s restaurant, Cèpes, focuses on local products with a French twist, providing a gastronomic delight amidst the beauty of the Veluwe.  


1 Sterrenberg.png