QL New Discovery Boutique Hotel The Church

QL New Discovery2023-05-02

Imagine this happening to you; you fall in love with an extraordinary building and see your dream restaurant and hotel. Then, when it is also a listed building and a former church, you know it will be quite a challenge to make your dream come true. 


How to turn a church into a hotel with a super-modern restaurant is something you can see and experience in Arnhem. Guest rooms were designed by architects who combined form and function. The rooms seem to float in the endless space of the former Lutheran church in the center of Arnhem.


Bart Leussink and Janiek van den Broeck are both in their twenties and found each other in a shared dream; to create a heavenly place where everything makes sense. Bart works in the kitchen and Janiek charmingly receives her guests. The vibe in the church is completely contemporary, while you are in an ancient building. Visit Boutique Hotel The Church and enjoy good food, fine cocktails and a unique place where you can stay overnight. Because staying in a church is not something you do everyday!

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