The sale of the QL Giftcard was launched at the end of November. A fantastic gift, which can be used to book a wonderful night out and/or a fantastic dinner in a QL of your choice. This allows us to use our QL Community of consumers and partners to generate bookings at our affiliated hotels. For the QL Giftcard, we have partnered with Gifty. They offer a complete solution for sales, distribution and registration of the QL Giftcard.


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Operational procedure

Ordering and reservations

Guests can place an order 24/7 via the QL website and receive the ordered gift cards within 2 (NL) or 5 (Europe) working days - in QL house style - on the doormat or directly by email. Those who have received a QL Gift Card can make reservations via the QL website, but also directly via the hotel website or by telephone. The QL Giftcard is valid at all QL Hotels and is always redeemed in person on location at check-in or check-out, not during the online booking process. 




Every QL Hotel receives an email with login details for the Gifty app and/or the Gifty dashboard. This allows each hotel to validate the QL Gift Card easily. Log in to the Gifty dashboard here with the login details you received by email and enter the unique Gift Card code on the back. Watch the instructional video here. 




The validated QL Giftcards are automatically linked to the login of the QL Hotel. Once a month you will receive a payment from QL Hotels for the redeemed gift cards, after deduction of the following costs. Payment will be made no later than the 10th of the following month to the known account number of the hotel.


QL Gift card costs 
Fixed fee per month: € 0 
Per gift card taken: € 4.25 
Transaction fee: 1.75% over the redeemed value

For hotels already working with Gifty

If your hotel already sells gift cards through Gifty, you can accept the QL Gift Card with your existing account. To do so, enter the partnership code through the Gifty dashboard. The partnership code can be requested at [email protected] 




Do you also want to sell digital and physical gift cards?

Through Gifty you can also sell the gift card of your hotel or that of QL Hotels easily on your own website and at your hotel. Digitally, physically and entirely in your house style. See for example the websites of QL Hotels:

Savarin Restaurant, Hotel & Spa    
Chateauhotel & Restaurant De Havixhorst    
Augusta Hotel & Brasserie    
Landgoed Lauswolt    
Suitehotel Pincoffs




Please let us know or contact Gifty to discuss the possibilities and costs. Through the collaboration between Quality Lodgings and Gifty, you can receive the first physical 50 gift vouchers and gift boxes in your corporate identity for only €139.00 including counter display.