Ysbrantsz Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

The feeling of coming home

Ysbrantsz Boutique Hotel

In 2020, owners Marco and Laura opened Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Ysbrantsz in the heart of Hoorn, a historic port city. The flair of the Dutch Golden Age is still very much visible here. This is reflected at Ysbrantz where, in the 17th century, Johan Ysbrantsz was a restaurateur, a warm, hospitable man who liked to give his guests the feeling of coming home. At Roode Steen 14, he cooked meals with spices that the sailors brought back from faraway journeys. At Ysbrantsz Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, hospitality and sustainability (gas-free) are key. Ysbrantsz gives the feeling of coming home. A place for a cosy dinner, a good cup of coffee and a night in one of the historic, modernly renovated rooms.

Cooking along with the seasons

Ysbrantsz Restaurant

In the restaurant, which has a conservatory opening out onto the garden, chef Tom Tros cooks according to the seasons. His refined dishes are prepared with seasonal and local produce where possible. This is the place to be for a lunch, dinner, a drink or a high wine.

Key features and services

Garden or terrace
Sustainable (gas-free) Boutique Hotel
In the historic port city of Hoorn
Historic building from the 17th century

Special features in the region

Rondvaart Hoorn .jpg

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Westfries Museum

Visit the Westfries Museum in Hoorn and learn more about the Golden Age
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De Tuynkamer

Visit the restaurant De Tuynkamer in Hoorn, which Marco and Laura also own

QL Unique Breaks


Quality Lodgings enjoy nothing more than pampering you thoroughly. That is why Ysbrantsz Boutique Hotel & Restaurant has created a QL Unique Break. A QLUB is a full experience, often including an exceptional dinner, a wonderful overnight stay, an excellent breakfast and other great extras. 

Let Ysbrantsz take you through the centuries.

"Let Ysbrantsz take you through the centuries and experience out homely hospitality in the centre of Hoorn." - Laura Luca & Marco Wohlken

Hosts: Laura Luca & Marco Wohlken
Chef: Tom Tros