Stadspaleis Old Ruitenborgh

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Palace for relaxation

Stadspaleis Old Ruitenborgh

Historic Vollenhove is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the eastern Netherlands. For centuries, fishermen set sail from the harbour on what was once the open sea, but today is an inland waterway – the little town has been enveloped by reclaimed land. In the 17th century, Vollenhove had no fewer than 17 stately manor houses, which earned it the name ‘City of Palaces’. Stadspaleis Hotel Old Ruitenborgh is one of the last remaining ‘city palaces’, and dates from the 14th century. The palace is set in beautiful English landscape gardens, and the interior of the restaurant and guestrooms is in appropriate style: grand chandeliers, marble fireplaces and wooden floors, combined with antique furniture and paintings that remind you of the rich history of the estate. There are 14 stylish guestrooms and various reception and meeting rooms. The restaurant offers an atmospherically historical setting to get together with family, friends or colleagues.

Dine in the 'Sea Room'

Restaurant Stadspaleis Old Ruitenborgh

This historic building with its antique furnishings is one of the most famous in the old town centre. As you dine in the Zeekamer (‘sea room’) or the Raadzaal (‘council chamber’) you are reminded that until 1948 the building had a double role as inn and town hall. Vollenhove might have been surrounded by new land, but fish is still unmissable on the menu. Enjoy the local smoked eel, or a spectacular smoked fish platter. The menu also includes French classics such as escargots and chateaubriand steak.

Key features and services

Bicycles available
Private Parking
Historical city palace
19th century English landscape garden
Ideal area for boating
National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Special features in the region

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English landscape garden

Around the hotel you will find a restored 19th-century English landscape garden with a terrace.

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Vollenhove has more than 40 national monuments with a wide choice of cycling and walking routes.

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From Vollenhove, you can go in all directions by water. Discover National Park Weerribben-Wieden.

Royal hospitality.

‘’Royal hospitality with a personal touch.'' - Maaike & Pieterjan de Bresser

Host: Pieterjan de Bresser
Chef: Maaike de Bresser - Koelman