Quality Lodgings celebrates anniversary with 21 Dinner

QL News2024-06-18

Quality Lodgings provides a comprehensive overview of quality hotels across Europe. It is the institution that guides you to where you should be for authentic hospitality in the most unique locations, both domestically and internationally. On Monday, June 17th, Quality Lodgings celebrated its 21st anniversary at The Duke Suites in Nistelrode. The 21 Dinner honored the esteemed QL hoteliers, celebrating their passion, dedication, and authentic hospitality. During this event, the prestigious ‘QL Hotel of the Year 2024’ award was presented to Châteauhotel & Restaurant de Havixhorst, located in the south of Drenthe.Throughout the evening, there was anticipation for the future of Quality Lodgings, and the first edition of the QL Anniversary Magazine was unveiled. 


A sparkling evening at The Duke Suites 

The gathering of 120 attendees consisted of esteemed QL hoteliers and several partners from both domestic and international locations. They enjoyed a festive evening, complete with a 4-course dinner, held in the prestigious event space, The Royal Duke, part of The Duke Suites. This hotel is also featured in the Quality Lodgings collection. The evening, themed 'opal', symbolized fidelity and loyalty, enhanced by beautiful decorations that seamlessly aligned with the QL philosophy. 


"Turning 21 is a significant milestone, marking the transition from carefree youth to responsible adulthood. It's a period filled with learning and growth, much like our journey at Quality Lodgings. As we celebrate our 21st year, we look back with pride and forward with ambition. On one hand, we aim to add many more unique, independent hotels across Europe to our already stunning collection. On the other hand, we intend to further introduce consumers to the Quality Lodgings experience. Over the coming years, we plan to expand our presence across Europe and become the epitome of exceptional hospitality. This will create a community where travelers are guaranteed a unique experience, and where hoteliers can learn from each other and benefit from the collective purchasing power of our affiliated partners."

Pauline Verhoef, Managing Director of Quality Lodgings 



At the bottom of each champagne glass lay an artificial diamond, but QL hotelier Gerhard Pohl, CEO of PURS Luxury Boutique Hotel, discovered the real GASSAN 121 diamond, adding extra brilliance to the anniversary speech. The fantastic cuisine of The Duke Suites' Restaurant The Charles, led by Alain Alders and awarded 14 points by Gault&Millau, highlighted the culinary excellence typical of Quality Lodgings. Additionally, a special video thanked the hoteliers for their hospitality, a value held in high regard by them. 


Châteauhotel & Restaurant de Havixhorst 

The winner of the 'QL Hotel of the Year award 2024' is located in the rural south of Drenthe, housed in a farmhouse dating back to 1753. Surrounding the property is a beautiful castle garden. It is a 'one of a kind' hotel, also featuring an excellent restaurant (awarded 13 points by Gault&Millau). De Havixhorst fits perfectly within the carefully curated collection of Quality Lodgings, where authentic hospitality, excellent sleeping comfort, a touch of luxury, and outstanding culinary offerings are central. Their 21-year loyalty to the QL brand and consistently high quality have earned them this prestigious award. 


"We are incredibly surprised and delighted to receive this wonderful award and title. Every day, together with our enthusiastic team, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to providing guests with an unforgettable experience. We do this in our own way, embracing Drenthe hospitality. Our location offers endless opportunities for celebration, enjoyment, and relaxation." 

Chris & Fleur Wijland, owners of Châteauhotel & Restaurant de Havixhorst 



Anniversary Magazine full of inspiration 

During the anniversary event, symbolically, the first copy of the QL 21 Anniversary Magazine was presented to Oliver Zahn, General Manager of The Duke Suites. The magazine is filled with background stories and inspiring content for experiencing exceptional travel journeys. Guests staying at hotels affiliated with Quality Lodgings will find a copy in their room or suite. 


"We are incredibly proud to be part of the collection of individual quality hotels in Europe and honored to welcome our fellow hoteliers from Quality Lodgings to experience our location where cherished moments are created."

Oliver Zahn, General Manager of The Duke Suites