Discover the beauty of spring

QL Collections2024-03-14

Enjoy an enchanting Easter escape at Reber's Pflug 🐣🤍 


Nestled within a picturesque farmhouse dating back to 1805, Reber's Pflug invites you to embrace the charm of the past combined with a contemporary, stylish interior. Located on the outskirts of Schwäbisch Hall, this idyllic setting offers a haven of greenery and tranquility, just a short stroll from the bustling city center. Chef Hans-Harald Reber is a true master in creating culinary delights, using fresh seasonal ingredients, often sourced from the garden or nearby surroundings. His dishes are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, with elegant presentation and delightful flavors. 


The Easter package at Reber's Pflug promises an unforgettable stay. From an exclusive tour of the Johanniterkirche to relaxation at the nearby Solebad with sauna, you'll be pampered from start to finish. Indulge in culinary delights, including a specially curated 3-course menu on Gründonnerstag and an extensive 5-course Easter gourmet menu on Ostersonntag.

A culinary journey through Asparagus country 


Discover Hotel Restaurant Valuas on the banks of the Maas just outside Venlo, where guests experience the deep-rooted passion for gastronomy of this family-owned business. The modern building of this 5-star boutique hotel offers comfortable rooms, some with views of the Maas. In addition to the Gastronomic Restaurant, where guests can enjoy a culinary lunch or dinner with top-quality local ingredients, there is Brasserie La Vie, serving breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dinner. Moreover, all facilities are available, including a sauna and fitness room. Located on the Pieterpad and a short distance from Venlo, Valuas offers something for everyone. 


On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, the gastronomic season kicks off with an exclusive experience: The Asparagus Kick-off at Hotel Restaurant Valuas. Let yourself be enchanted by a journey of culinary refinement, where each dish is a celebration of the white gold of the Dutch fields. Five renowned chefs, including Eric Swaghoven of 'Hotel Restaurant Valuas' in Venlo, Wilco Berends of 'De Nederlanden Restaurant & Boutique Hotel', Jarno Eggen of 'de Groene Lantaarn' in Staphorst, Jef Schuur of 'Bij Jef' in Texel, and Erik van Loo of 'Parkheuvel' in Rotterdam, present their sublime asparagus creations in a charming setting.

Discover Spring at De Nederlanden Restaurant and Boutiquehotel 


Imagine waking up in an oasis of tranquility and beauty along the banks of the picturesque river Vecht. It's spring, and nature is awakening from its winter slumber. The sun casts its rays over the historic streets of Vreeland, where De Nederlanden Restaurant & Boutiquehotel opens its doors for an enchanting stay. In this charming hotel, housed in a stunning building from 1680, you are greeted by an atmosphere of renewal and anticipation. The rooms and suites are stylishly decorated with influences from Scandinavia and Japan, creating a soothing ambiance that perfectly complements the burgeoning greenery outside. 


Enjoy a delightful breakfast on the terrace while overlooking the river Vecht and the blooming flowers in the garden. Then, it's time to discover the flavors of spring in the culinary creations of chef Wilco Berends. Fresh, local ingredients are transformed into beautiful dishes that capture the essence of the season. Explore the surroundings in a unique way with various rental options for boats, bicycles, electric scooters, and convertibles. Cruise along the blooming banks of the river, explore the picturesque villages nearby, and be enchanted by the beautiful colors of spring.

Celebrate Spring among the vineyards in Germany 


Are you ready to be whisked away on an enchanting journey to Rüssels Landhaus on the Moselle? Discover what this majestic country house has to offer amidst the beautiful spring seasons among the vineyards of the Moselle and Saar-Ruwer. This majestic country house, nestled in the romantic valley of the Dhron River, offers a perfect balance of natural beauty and refined luxury. Explore the stylishly decorated rooms and suites, each with a unique character ranging from rustic to modern or inspired by Mediterranean influences. 


Let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty of the lush garden at the rear of the hotel, where you can enjoy peaceful moments amidst the burgeoning splendor of spring. Treat yourself to gourmet dinners in the restaurant, where the flavors of the season come to life on your plate. And don't forget to relax on the terrace by the pond, where the soothing sounds of nature will enchant your senses.