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With a delicate sigh or a forceful plop, sparkling or ruby red, honey yellow or as pink as the most gorgeous summer sunset. With a good piece of cheese, on a weekday evening during the winter, or delicious with a creamy pasta with lobster and the saltiest shells. Do you already understand the topic? Of course! Wine, vino, du vin!


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Pack your bags, because we're going on the road if you're a passionate wine lover who's always on the look for a wine expert to show you some hidden jewels. Hoping to find the best Wein around! Come along with us as we explore the world of wine. In the direction of Germany. Did you know that just three hours after leaving Utrecht, you can be immersed in the pure happiness of steep slopes laden with Riesling and Spätburgnunder? (called pinot noir in France). And you probably didn't know this, but in recent decades, the quality of German wines has garnered plaudits from all around the world. This is nothing new, as German white wines held the title of greatest in the world back in the early 20th century. And it wasn't cheap, with an asking price more than that of French Grand Cru Classés. 




What about something simple instead of difficult?

It doesn't take long at all to go on a wine trip like this. Whether you go for a few days, or make it a wine road trip? If the second option is your preference, your search should focus on the German Wine Road. After that, you'll drive, hop on your bikes, or hit the trail through some of Germany's most picturesque wine districts. In addition, the wine-growing regions have a microclimate that is slightly warmer than the rest of Germany. In the spring, the vineyards combine with the flowering fruit trees and bright yellow rape fields to create a rainbow of hues. 


Have you become curious and love German wines? 

In that case, we'll be pleased to recommend our favorite places in Germany for a short yet memorable vacation. The hotel that Markus Pape and his crew have created at Meisenheimer Hof is a prime example. Meisenheimer Hof even has its own vineyards, the wine from which may be purchased at the hotel or at the wine shop located directly across the street. Because of its convenient central location in the Nahe wine region, the hotel is surrounded by the vineyards of a number of renowned German winemakers, or Winzers. VDP.WEINBERG.ONLINE is a helpful online tool. You can find almost every interesting vineyard on this interactive map. 


Are you looking for even more inspiration and want to extend your wine trip? Then you should also have a look at “Steinheuers Restaurant” Landgasthof Poststuben, Hotel Kronenschlösschen, Burghotel Auf Schönburg, Hotel am Ochsentor or Hotel PURS.

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